For the comfort and convenience of passengers, Western Railway is introducing 32 new services on the suburban section. Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways and Coal, will be releasing the new suburban timetable on September 29, 2017 at a function to be held in Mumbai.

Train Timetable

Increase in additional services will be effective from October 1, 2017 and includes, 17 services in UP direction and 15 services in down direction, with no reduction in existing services. 4 additional services introduced in morning peak hours and 3 additional services introduced in evening peak hours. 9 services have been worked on the 5th line between Andheri – Borivali.

One 12 car rake will be augmented to 15 car, taking the total no of 15 car services to 54 from 42, which will be running on Sundays also. 4 services are also being extended viz. 1 in Up and 3 in Down direction. Due to the above, there will be changes in the pattern of running of 21 services and 14 services will be speeded up i.e 07 UP direction & 07 DOWN direction. Therefore, with these changes, the number of daily average of total suburban services on Western Railway will now increase from 1323 to 1355 including 110 harbour services, the details of which are detailed as under:

Train Timetable

Train Timetable

Train Timetable

Changes in the pattern of running
The mode of 16 Churchgate bound (UP direction) trains and 5 Borivali / Virar bound (DOWN direction) trains have been changed. There will be a change in the running pattern of these trains regarding stoppages and working as fast/slow train.

Two Malad services and 4 Goregaon services will now run fast upto Andheri in morning peak hours.

Services extended
Malad – Churchgate (Fast local) departing from Malad at 17.34 hrs will now depart from Borivali at 17.27 hrs (Fast local) and reach Churchgate at 18.16 hrs.

Churchgate - Bhayandar (Fast local) departing from Churchgate at 12.13 hrs, extended upto Virar and will reach Virar at 13.36 hrs.

Andheri – Virar (Slow local) departing from Andheri at 20.26 hrs will now depart from Bandra at 20.12 hrs (Slow) and reach Virar at 21.25 hrs.

Churchgate – Andheri (Slow local) departing from Churchgate at 19.54 hrs, extended upto Borivali and will reach Borivali at 21.02 hrs.

Changes in schedule
>> The timings of Train No. 19215 Saurashtra Express at Borivali will change from 09.02/09.06 hrs to 09.02/09.05 hrs and at Virar from 09.40/09.42 hrs to 09.38/09.40 hrs.

>> The scheduled departure of Train No.19029 Bandra Terminus – Mahuva Jn. is postponed from 11.35 hrs to 11.45 hrs.

>>The timings of Train No. 14707 Ranakpur Express at Borivali will change from 08.40/08.44 hrs to 08.50/08.54 hrs with no change in arrival timing at Bandra Terminus.

>> The timings of Train No. 12954 August Kranti Rajdhani Express at Borivali will change from 08.52/08.54 hrs to 08.56/08.58 hrs and at Andheri from 09.10/09.12 hrs to 09.12/09.14 hrs with no change in arrival timing at Mumbai Central.

>> The timings of Train No. 59023 Valsad Fast Passenger at Dadar will change from 18.21/18.23 hrs to 18.23/18.25 hrs & will be dealt from Platform No. 5 and the timings at Borivali from 18.53/18.55 hrs to 18.55/18.57hrs.