Salman Rushdie, long used to taking up newsprint space, clogged timelines after Facebook reportedly deactivated his account, demanded proof of identity, then forced him to use the name Ahmed Rushdie. The novelist took to Twitter to slam the social networking behemoth -- and got his account back. As a certain Jim Roberts put it: 'In epic clash over Facebook identity, Rushdie defeats Mark Zuckerberg.' Fathi-Faruq tweeted: 'Never thought of Rushdie as someone who would kick up so much fuss over social networking.' And from JP Barlow: 'I used to wear a pin that said, "I am Salman Rushdie." Now even Salman Rushdie isn't.'

More smiles per mile
Reports that petrol prices may be cut by Rs 2 a litre this week made the issue a trending topic. Ramesh Srivats tweeted: 'Petrol prices to come down by Rs 2. Sachin Tendulkar heaves a sigh of relief.' In Kaveer Rai's words: 'Rs 2 does not really sound that amazing, but a price rise of Rs 2 would have received a whole different reaction.' There was also a question from Suhrid Barua: 'Just getting to hear that petrol prices are going to be reduced. Is this any solace for the numerous hikes earlier?'

Back in the day
'Naughty bachpan', a reference to one's childhood antics, was appropriate considering it was Children's Day. Some of the examples shared included these: 'I used to ring my neighbour's doorbell and run as fast as I could', 'I used to pull the ponytail of every other girl in my classroom', 'I used to play doctor doctor' and 'I used to put ink on the back of every teacher's robe, just to see how many days she wore the same robe without washing it!'

The last word
From journalist Barkha Dutt: 'Disillusioned by levels of humbug and hypocrisy among sections of media. Ready to judge all others (fraternity included) apart from themselves!'

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