What is good and bad about Apple iOS 10.2.1
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The release of Apple iOS 10.2.1 is definitely good news for Apple users. Some of the core features of the upgraded software promises to fix critical bug issues on the App store and bring in lots of changes in Apple devices. The upgrade even boosts the security option on Apple devices. This upgrade was crucial for iPhones, iPads and Mac Books.

iOS 10.2.1 allows to add or delete files, uninstall programs, install malicious software. Upgrades with Apple iOS 10.2.1 can be done at any point privately before disclosing it to the public. Hence, it is beyond the reach of hackers. However, iOS 10.2.1 fails to fix the entire bug issue.

So users should wait for iOS 10.3, which is presently in the testing phase. Still, it is unclear till now if iOS 10.3 will be able to solve the bug issues, because the update is said to primarily focus on addition of new features.