A comic digest specifically targeted at teens attempts to give the legendary Suppandi a makeover and ends up instead with egg on its face

The antics of one of Tinkle comics' most loved characters get a teenage twist in the latest Suppandi 48 digest (the '48' in the title, we assume, is a reference to the number of pages in the book).

The cover of the Suppandi 48 digest, The centrespread that is dedicated to apples with emotions, Suppandi in his Salman Khan look

In what appears to be homage to artist Andy Warhol, "mass-produced" images of Suppandi in different colours appear on the cover, which also features a disclaimer that reads: This magazine contains severe humour and may not be suitable for sober, na ve or prudent readers. Sorry, but did they say, 'severe humour?' Thanks, but we'll pass!

The digest opens on a promising note: In place of the editor's note there are dialogue boxes featuring a conversation between the editor, assistant editor and the art director. The conversation throws light on the ideas behind the cover design, colour scheme and certain cartoon strips.
The first story sees Suppandi kidnapped and is on the lines of a regular Suppandi story, while the second one features the simpleton as a superhero. The sequences featuring Suppandi's superhero costume trials are rather funny, as are his experiments with trials.

It's the non-Suppandi strips that are less than funny and bordering on stupid. One such character is Wrex, the talking 'unextinct' dinosaur, who claims to eat grass for breakfast. The response to Wrex's claim is, "Yeah you do look a little doped." Is that what they mean when they refer to 'teenage' humour!

It's mostly downhill from here, including the centrespread dedicated to 'apples with emotions'. The digest ends with an interesting story about a gambler and his spate of bad luck, and a boring strip called Boing.
We suggest the writers stick to usual Suppandi fare, instead of trying to second-guess what teenagers might find funny, and ending up with pages of unpalatable humour.

For Rs 40