It also is unacceptable to bring children into the office, unless it is a rare occasion when the parent has no other choice.

Sex and relationships, What makes romance between co-workers unacceptable

While 71 per cent think it’s ok to swear occasionally, about two-thirds, or 64 per cent, of people believe that phone ringtones are too distracting.

They say that silent or vibrate modes are more appropriate for phones in the office, according to the survey of office etiquette.

The poll found that about 70 per cent of workers believe it is OK to enter into a relationship with a colleague but 47 per cent agree it is only as long as they do not deal with each other directly, reported.

Corporate and personal image consultant Cosimina Nesci said romance between co-workers was once considered a “no-no”. But longer working hours meant more people were finding love at work.

“If you’re going to do it, then you really need to be ... aware of the consequences,” she said.

“Most people think that no one is going to know about it but somebody will know about it,” she added.

The survey also found that 66 per cent of workers believe it should not be up to the man to hold a door open for a woman and staff should be courteous to everyone, regardless of gender.