What makes some of India's hottest models look the way they do?

Five stunners off the Indian ramp spill their fitness secrets with Dhara Vora Chaudhary

Nayaan Chaudhary

Morning: I wake up by 6 am.
Breakfast: I eat a bowl of fruits and a six-egg omlette.
Other meals: I always carry a banana or an apple for instant energy. I like to snack on salads in the evenings. For lunch, I like eating something like a Subway sandwich. I also enjoy whole meals of dal, rice, roti and chicken. Dinner is always three hours before sleep. All meals without oil or masala. Before I started doing gymnastics and martial arts, I used to eat about 15 eggs a day, 400 gms of chicken, drink 6 lt of water, and had a strict diet plan. Now, I can eat anything that is healthy.
Exercise: I started practising mixed martial arts and gymnastics about six months ago since I prefer free workouts. The results are great. I am very now and can even do backflips (check his Instagram account for videos). I had started getting bored of routine gymming, so I changed my plan to continue to exercise and stay fit.
Skin care: I shampoo and condition my thick beard every day. Beard oil is of great help too.
Unwind: I meditate for my acting lessons. It helps keep my mind alert.

Anita Kumar

Morning: I sit still for 10-15 minutes after I wake up to calm my mind. I don’t have  a good water habit so I make it a point to have at least one glass of warm water every morning.
Breakfast: I love eggs. I eat two to three in the form of a half-fry or omelette or anything else. Sometimes, it’s porridge. If time permits, I also like a glass of fresh juice — it could be beetroot and carrot, apple, anything that is not canned.
Other meals: I eat a bowl of fruit before lunch, like a mini brunch. I snack on dryfruit and for an evening snack, I prefer a sandwich. I love sugar, but during fashion week, I reduce consumption and avoid eating outside. Junk food is a no.
Exercise: I am not a morning person. I exercise in the afternoon or evening when the gym is empty! I enjoy playing tennis, and I swim occasionally. I love exercising. I exercise almost every day to make up for busy times when I am unable to head to the gym. I concentrate on different body areas each day and do two days of cardio. Before a show, I intensify my training to look more toned.
Skin care: My skin is sensitive. So, when not working, I don’t use make-up and make do with just an eyeliner. Homemade face packs might seem tempting but just because it is natural doesn’t mean your skin won’t react to it. I oil my hair sometimes and after the fashion week, I give it a trim to salvage it after a roughing up. I always carry wet wipes to keep my skin clean. Though they have chemicals it’s better than dirt.
Unwind: I like playing the piano. At times, I paint. Bollywood dancing can be very relaxing.

Saagar Gera

Saagar Gera

Morning: I love running and cycling, so I start my day with it. It gives my body a lean look, which I prefer to muscles.
Breakfast: I usually have a protein shake before my workout and two bananas after the routine.
Other meals: I eat boiled rice with dal; I avoid spicy food in general. I like snacking on almonds. For dinner, I prefer dry or boiled chicken.

Exercise: Since I maintain a lean body, I don’t do a lot of weights. For toning muscles, I usually do repetitions of basic exercises such as bicep curls and bench press. I do 1,000 leg raises (four sets of 250) in a day. I also do Zumba.
Hair care: I like old-fashioned oil massages. I oil my hair with oils such as mustard and wash and condition it every day (Gera won the Best Hair Round in the 2015 Mr India pageant).
Unwind: I drink a glass of milk before I go to sleep.

Alesia Raut

Alesia Raut

Morning: I have a nine-year-old son (Mark Raut), so, my day starts with his school preparation, followed by my workout training (Raut also trains at James studio).
Breakfast: Brown bread and eggs with tea.
Other meals: I eat four to five meals a day. Before fashion week, I reduce my sugar intake.
Exercise: My workout becomes tougher right before fashion week since during the actual event, we are unable to manage time for workouts due to the long schedule.
Skin care: I go for a facial once a month. Drinking a lot of water, eating right, including vegetable juice and applying aloe vera helps the skin. Sushiel (Charles) takes care of my hair fabulously. Post fashion week, I sign up for pampering sessions to undo the damage.
Unwind: Once in a while, I snack on a chocolate cake.

Sucheta Sharma James

Sucheta Sharma James

Morning: I start my day with at least one to two litres of water on an empty stomach.
Breakfast: I include eggs in raw, boiled or omelette form, depending on my mood, along with one banana, one slice of multigrain bread or chapati or a bowl of upma/poha or a peanut butter toast, etc.
Other meals: I eat three meals a day and a light snack in the evening. I snack on fruits, dry fruit or smoothies.
Exercise: Before fashion week, I don’t make any changes to my diet. Instead, my trainer (her husband Harrison James) ups my cardio exercises in order to get me in specific shape. I train three times a week. My workout comprises pulling or pushing tyres, boxing, kicking, squat jumping, lunging, push ups and hard core abs training and sides toning. The workouts are easy-to-follow, and can be done any place, anytime since they don’t need equipment. I trained in my green room today during lunch break for 30 minutes because any workout is better than no workout. My legs are usually wobbly post training (she regularly posts her workouts on Instagram on the handle @harrysuch).
Skin and hair care: I take care of my skin by eating right, exercising, drinking enough water, keeping my skin clean and moisturised at all times. Hair spas are a must post fashion week to soothe chemically damaged hair. I trust my hair stylist Sushiel Charles for it.
Unwind: Staying healthy will help you be happy. And always smile.



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