The starlet takes language lessons twice a week when she is in the city and jots down everything in her notebook like a sincere student.

Nathalia Kaur

Says Nathalia, “Yes, I am taking Hindi lessons and I carry my notebook with me. Whenever I forget something or I can’t understand, I look through my notebook. The Hindi spoken in Mumbai is easy to understand but it becomes a little difficult for me in Delhi or Punjab. Now I can talk in Hindi for at least five minutes!”

And it’s not just her language lessons scribbled in her notebook, apparently the starlet even doodles music compositions in her free time.

A friend of Nathalia says, “Nathalia has taken music lessons, as she wanted to become an opera singer. She composes songs when she is free.”

The starlet says, “Oh yes, I love singing and I used to take music lessons also. But I couldn’t continue, as I had to shift to India. I have a few friends here with whom I have been thinking to sit and jam.”