What's new in 2012: Art

Jan 01, 2012, 09:50 IST | Team SMD
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It started in 2011

Photography has been an upcoming trend for a long time, and 2012 is about time it actually arrives! We're not sure photography even qualifies as 'new media' anymore -- and yet, it continues to struggle for due recognition. We believe there is just one thing that has been holding this art form back, preventing it from entering your home -- a mindset. 

In 2011, photography, held its own against traditional ink, oil, acrylic on canvas and even paper art, like the abstract print from artist-photographer Sahil Mane's 'Orgasm' series holds the dramatic pink and green decor together (see picture above). 

Photography needn't always be photo-realistic; an accurate depiction of reality is not all photography can provide. Figurative or abstract, landscape or portrait, photography as a medium caters to a range of creative expressions -- as many, perhaps, as traditional art.

One of the myths about photography is that while a traditional art piece is one-of-a-kind, a photograph can be printed multiple times and, therefore, lacks exclusivity. However, you can be rest assured that any reputed art-photographer and gallery will only release a limited edition of prints, ensuring your artwork is exclusive.

And does this art form appreciate? Hell yes! A google search will reveal the breathtaking prices Ansel Adams' and Richard Avadon's prints are fetching -- so clearly, in the more mature international market, photography is seen as a viable investment. Then why is the Indian market so far behind? 
Photography will prove a strong trend in art in 2012. Get a print home!

Big hit in 2012: Photos as art
Collecting photography today in India is a wonderful, daring, plentiful and affordable adventure. 
We will reminisce about these times one day. The standards are being set by photographers and galleries alike for high-quality collectible limited-edition photographs.
-- Matthieu Foss, who runs the eponymous photography-exclusive Matthieu Foss Gallery in Mumbai. Pic courtesy Shahid Dattawala

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