What's new in 2012: Interiors

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It started in 2011

There are several interior trends emerging for 2012, from fashion's dramatic colour-blocking that is percolating into decor, to shabby chic where you merge the old with the new. But the strongest trend we've noticed is the comeback of the colour grey. In light and dark shades, it is making a strong presence felt in interior furnishings and accessories across the world -- and can India be far behind?

While at first glance grey appears limited and masculine, its key advantage is actually its flexibility. Pair it with black and beige, or layer it in multiple textures (like a traditional herringbone pattern) and shades and, yes, it remains firmly masculine. But you can also team it with a variety of colours to create a whole range of looks and feels. Though purple, the perennial favourite, looks like it's finally on its way out this year, you can keep your favourite purple pieces to accentuate and balance your new grey look if it threatens to become too monotonous.

Pair grey with white and yellow (another colour that's on its way in) or white and light green, and you have a light look that's just right -- not too serious, not too  frivolous either! However you choose to use it, there is a grey look that's right for you. Bring the trend home in 2012.

Big hit in 2012: Grey is back
Internationally, grey is making a comeback in interiors in a big, 
big way. It's a more versatile colour than it immediately appears to be, and I love how it can be masculine and feminine, young and elegant at the same time.
-- Tara Kaushal, former launch editor of BBC GoodHomes, and co-founder of, an online magazine and e-commerce portal for the home.

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