What's cooking in Neil Nitin Mukesh's kitchen?

Turns out actor Neil Nitin Mukesh doesn’t just look yummy but cooks yummy food, too. We caught up with the actor who was part of a cooking workshop at a city restaurant

  Q. How did you start cooking?
A. I think it all started with trying to make an egg. Back when my sister would go to cooking classes, she would come back home and impress everyone with her expertise. So, I tried to make an egg just to beat her from seeking all the attention. Also, I travel constantly because of my profession, and I have also been an assistant director. On such occasions, food becomes the basic necessity for survival and it is like camping out. So cooking comes to help.

Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh tries his hand at making Morrocan food at a workshop held at Tilt All Day in Lower Parel yesterday. pics/bipin kokate
Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh tries his hand at making Morrocan food at a workshop held at Tilt All Day in Lower Parel yesterday. pics/bipin kokate

Q. What do you like about food and cooking?
A. I feel, being a foodie is not just about hogging but indulging in food. If you like cooking you are a foodie, if you are into health foods you are a foodie too. It is like an art form and is therapeutic for me. Like you go into a room and start painting, you go into the kitchen and make a meal for yourself.

Q. How frequently do you cook?
A. When I am at home, I cook at least two to three times a week. I can make a variety of things, from a very good cheese fondue to butter chicken to dal.

Q. Your favourite cuisines to cook?
A. I like cooking and eating Italian and Mexican food. If you are my guest, I can guarantee that you won’t have anything to complain about.

Q. What’s the most difficult dish you have attempted?
A. It would be cannelloni. I didn’t make the pasta sheets from scratch (I can’t make round chapattis too), but everything else was on my own, and it turned out good.

Q. What’s the best compliment you have received for your cooking skills?
A. It is from my mother. She is a fabulous cook. We had a few people coming over and she was worried if I could cook well (he did). Her compliment is the ultimate medal of honour.

Q. You favourite mum-made dish?
A. She makes very good Dhansak, even the Gujarati dal. Actually, everything she makes is absolutely great.

Q. What do you like to eat when you are following a diet?
A. I prefer boiled vegetables and lean fish. For carbohydrates I have sweet potatoes, quinoa or brown rice instead of wheat and no breads or white rice. Green vegetables complete everything.

Q. Your guilty food indulgence?
A. Chocolates! Sweets, desserts. I have a major sweet tooth.

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