Party-hopping Delhiite insults hockey hero Viren Rasquinha

A little-known person from Delhi, insulted former India hockey captain Viren Rasquinha; livid Twitterati hit back at him for not recognising him and forces apology

A little-known person from Delhi, later identified as a certain Suhel Seth, insulted former India hockey captain, Arjuna Award winner and chief operating officer of India's premier sporting talent agency, Olympic Gold Quest, Viren Rasquinha at a city event on Sunday.

Viren Rasquinha. Pic/mid-day archives
Viren Rasquinha. Pic/mid-day archives 

According to Rasquinha's Twitter feed, "It's so disappointing when I am invited by the Times Lit fest to speak and get dissed on stage by a guy who doesn't even know who I am. Even more disappointing to have the times lit fest director Bachchi Karkaria behave condescendingly. What's with these cosy clubs. I really do wonder though how Suhel Seth holds forth on everything under the sun and what exactly is his domain expertise". He added that Seth came on stage and said, "Don't know what that bald guy was doing on a panel on sport, what's he done."

Versatile Viren
A livid Twitterati hit back at Seth for not recognising one of India's best known sportspersons. Rasquinha retired from sport at the age of 28 to pursue a career in management. He was accepted by Harvard University, but chose to study management at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Journalist and author Naomi Dutta tweeted: "Viren Rasquinha should have said who is this strange creature? Did the lit fest tie up with harry potter and get in someone to play Dobby?"

Suhel Seth
Suhel Seth 

Dhunji Wadia, president, Everest Brand Solutions, said: "If you don't know who @virenrasquinha is, then you should not participate in a talk show on hockey." Later, a meme trended on Twitter: "Suhel Seth, who are you?"

Simultaneously, there were many messages supporting Rasquinha. Ajith (@ajith27) from Mumbai said: Hey @virenrasquinha. This country knows and respects you. And thanks for calling out the ever shallow dolt @suhelseth. A barrage of tweets forced Seth, who frequents parties in various Indian cities, to apologise to Rasquinha. He tweeted a few hours after insulting Rasquinha in public: "Love the roasting I am getting on Twitter. Deservedly even though I had apologised on Twitter and written to Viren."

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    Pseudo intellectual, opinionated advertising has - been with the IQ of a mollusk and full of loud arguments. Bloody idiot needs to keep his eyes and ears open before passing irrelevant judgments.

  • Hansel09-Dec-2014

    Who is the fat guy with curly white hair? What has he done other than be on stupid talk shows and gossip?

  • Aspi Katrak10-Dec-2014

    A total

  • J R09-Dec-2014

    Suhel Seth is a NWO stooge, his agenda is to westernize India and make it ready for the New World Order. He gets paid huge sums of money from his main client Tata (also part of the NWO) to show a high flying lifestyle. While he seems to be a lonely person with a fondness for alcohol. Seems like he sold his soul to the devil for wealth and a bit of fame.

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