What's your frame of mind?


Square female

What’s your frame?
Circular, curved frames (aviator, oval)
Tanya’s tip
Lengthen your face with frames that are wider rather than being deep.
What to avoid
Square frames; it would make the face more harsh.


Round femal

What’s your frame?
Square, angular frames (aviator or square)
Tanya’s tip
Opt for a clear bridge to widen your eyes; a great coloured frame also works.
What to avoid
Round frames make the face look rounder; a strict no-no.


Oval femal

What’s your frame?
Any frame shape (aviator, oval, or square)
Tanya’s tip
Best to pick frames that are as wide as the widest part of your face.
What to avoid
A very large pair, Retro-style will overpower your face.


Square male

What’s your frame? 
Rectangular frames, but with round edges
Narendra’s tip

Square jaws give a masculine look already; to compliment it, use softer lines. 
What to avoid 
Square on square, it would not merge at all.


Round male

What’s your frame?
Any frames with a solid shape (aviators)
Narendra’s tip
To add definition, try angular frames to make the face appear masculine.
What to avoid
An entirely different shape, the key is to blend.


Oval male

What’s your frame?
Narrow square frame
Narendra’s tip
Rectangular frames help break the long oval shape. Experiment with colours.
What to avoid
Very broad frames.
Illustrations/amit bandre

> Cat eye

Singer Rihanna. Pic/Getty

Characterised by the prominent flared outer edge, these style of frames are back in fashion with the entire Retro look.

> Wayfarer

Bruno Mars
Musician Bruno Mars. Pic/Getty

They brought back the laidback style with their plastic frame and are currently the most popular kinds found in the city.

> Aviators

Salman Khan
Salman Khan in Dabangg

A prominently triangular shape with metal frames, these were made popular by actor Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun and Salman Khan in Dabangg.

> Over sized or Jackie O’s

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham. Pic/AFP

These cover nearly half the face and are popular with celebs keen to go incognito. Popularised by the US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, they’ve been nicknamed Jackie O’s. The Bumblebees are a variant.

> Tea shades

John Lennon
Musician John Lennon. Pic/AFP

Popular during the hippie revolution, glasses of the perfect round shape are known as Tea Shades, a trademark of musician John Lennon.


> Sunglass Hut, Palladium, Lower Parel; Phoenix Market City, Kurla.
> Lawrence and Mayo outlets across the city.
> Fastrack and Titan Eye counters in various mutlibrand stores.
> Colaba Causeway for street chic versions.

Compiled by Dhara Vora 



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