Wheat, rice cheaper in Pakistan than India

Sep 20, 2011, 11:51 IST | IANS

The prices of wheat, rice, chicken and garlic are lower in Pakistan than in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, authorities said.

The National Price Monitoring Committee said food prices in Pakistan were comparatively lower than other countries in the region, reported Dawn.

The panel has not ruled out the possibility of importing items of daily use from neighbouring countries due to the extensive damage to crops in rain- and flood-affected areas of Sindh province where over six million acres of land has been inundated and seven million people have been impacted.

After an official said sugarcane crops in Sindh had been damaged, the committee called for a decision to import sugar for strategic reserves.

The committee noted that prices of wheat, flour, rice, gram, mutton, beef, chicken, onion and garlic in Pakistan were lower than India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

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