When Akshay Kumar came to newcomer Arfi Lamba's rescue

The star doled out acting tips to a newcomer who got Prabhu Dheva's goat for not being able to pull off a scene in their next

Apart from high-flying stunts on the set of Prabhu Dheva's Singh Is Bliing, there were moments when tempers flew around too. Sources suggest Arfi Lamba, who debuted in Bollywood with Fugly (2014), drove the choreographer-director up a wall when he failed to pull off an intense scene and was berated in front of the entire crew. However, things calmed down following lead actor Akshay Kumar's intervention.

Prabhu Dheva and Akshay Kumar
Prabhu Dheva and Akshay Kumar 

A source says, "The scene required Akshay to slap him. Prabhu Dheva was expecting a certain reaction from Arfi but he disappointed him. He seemed quite clueless as he felt he was giving his best shot. There were quite a few retakes, but the director wasn't impressed at all. So, he started yelling at Arfi," informs a source.

At that point, Akshay realised that the newcomer's morale was going south and he took him to a secluded spot to rehearse for the scene. "Akki made him understand Prabhu Deva's style of work and asked him to do the scene multiple times to achieve perfection," adds the source.

Arfi Lamba
Arfi Lamba 

Arfi confirms the news and says, "I come from a theatre background. So my reaction to Akshay sir's slap was not as loud as Prabhu sir wanted it to be. But, when someone like Akshay sir helps you out, it does you a world of good. We did manage to perform the scene in one take after rehearsing it on set. I was scared and was praying that Prabhu sir does not choreograph me. But, I must say he was quite patient with me."



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