London: Actress-singer Amanda Seyfried was reduced to tears by co-actor Mark Wahlberg while filming 'Ted 2', after he played a dog napping prank on her.

'Ted 2' poster
'Ted 2' poster. Pic/Santa Banta

The 'Mamma Mia!' star took her beloved pooch Finn to work with her every day, but she flew into a panic one night after it went missing, reported Contactmusic.

"Pranks are fun and stuff... (but) don't mess with Mark Wahlberg... I was doing funny things like jumping out and scaring him... But I was doing that and some classic little pranks, little things, just for fun, and I get back from set one night and my trailer door's open and Finn is gone and I panic immediately," she said Amanda Seyfried, 29, cried hysterically and Mark Wahlberg freaked out because he did not realise how upset the actress was.

"Mark got really freaked out because he didn't realise how upset I would be, which is weird 'cause literally Finn follows me into the camera (shot), and he was like, 'Oh God, OK, I'm so sorry'... "He picks up his phone and (then) this Escalade drives down the parking lot and the window rolls down and Finn's sitting there in the back seat eating free range chicken!" Amanda Seyfried said, summarising the incident.

The actress concluded by remarking that her co-star is an animal lover.