Los Angeles: Singer Charli XCX says she 'nearly killed' herself and Rita Ora when she crashed their truck in a desert while they were filming their new music video for song 'Doing it'.

Rita Ora
Rita Ora. Pic/AFP 

Charli, whose real name is Charlotte Aitchison, has revealed that she came close to killing herself and the 24-year-old singer when they were involved in a collision in a "death trap" pink motor vehicle in a desert while filming the video for the new single, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"I nearly killed both of us on the set by crashing this Barbie truck into the middle of the desert. There were no air bags. It was this old truck. It was a death trap! But we made it out alive and the video is so great and is dropping this week," Charli told Metro newspaper.

Charli, 22, is confident Ora will "kill it" in her big screen debut in next month's "Fifty Shades Of Grey" film, in which she plays the protagonist Christian Grey's (Jamie Dornan) adopted sister Mia.

"She is going to kill it. On the ('Doing it') set we had to do one bit of acting and I was freaking out, like, 'I don't know how to do this,' but every time she was killing it. She is great and I think she's going to be wonderful," she said.