When Delnaz Irani got furious with beau Percy Karkaria

Each weekend, the celebrities are seen giving the test of love in 'Power Couple' and this weekend too, the celebrities will be seen facing a new challenge called 'Chand Sa Roshan Chehra'. Here the boys will have to finish the block puzzle which has the face of their partner on it in 3 minutes and also answer the personal questions asked by their partners simultaneously.

Delnaz Irani and her beau Percy Karkaria
Delnaz Irani and her beau Percy Karkaria

When it was Delnaz Irani and her beau Percy Karkaria's turn, Percy matched a wrong nose to Delnaz's photo and inspite everyone telling about it, he just couldn't make out that it didn't match Delnaz's. This had all the other couples in splits as they witnessed a cute fight between the two. However, this was not it. When Percy was asked who Delnaz's favourite actor was, he just couldn't remember the right answer leaving Delnaz fuming with anger. She just couldn't believe that Percy couldn't remember such a simple thing about her. What followed was a Gujju banter much to everyone's amusement.



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