When doodles make shopping sense

Sep 28, 2011, 10:17 IST | Amrita Bose

Chennai based artist Maheswari Janarthanan loves to doodle on just about anything, from coasters to tea towels to post cards under her label Little One's Doodles

If Alice were to choose not to fall down the rabbit hole and have a tea party with the Mad Hatter, she could happily spend her time in the whimsical world of Chennai-based freelance illustrator and designer Maheswari Janarthanan's postcards, bookmarks, coasters, notebooks and tea towels under the label Little One's Doodles.
With quirky doodles of people and faces and floral hints in pop colours, the range of home d �cor and stationary are for a shiny, happy space.

Maheswari Janarthanan

What started out as doodling and illustrating for fun and uploading it on Facebook when Maheswari quit her job as graphic designer in 2010, gradually turned into sound business ideas when she got  great responses for her doodles.

From people she'd never met. "They loved my illustrations and a few of them suggested that I design products," says the 25-year-old who graduated in Visual Communication from SRM Arts & Science College, Chennai.

Starting off in February this year, Maheswari entered the indie online shopping scene with a range of postcards specially designed for Valentine's Day. The name Little One's Doodles partly stuck on because of the childish nature of her doodles as well as her short stature.

In her own words, Maheswari admits to being obsessed with doodling   "I keep on doodling something or the other, mostly people and faces. Even as a kid the only subject that fascinated me ever was drawing," she says. Her doodles are done freestyle.
But human caricatures are Maheswari's chosen subjects. "Most of my drawing books are filled with people and faces. I love drawing them. It's an interesting subject to draw. I love photography and 99% of them are people photographs," explains Maheswari.

Case in point being the Little Women coasters or the I'm Yours postcard series. Maheswari claims that the Little Women series has got nothing to do with the novel as such but it just ties in with her brand name rather well.

Dream On Postcards (set of five) Rs 200

"The novel has nothing to do with the coaster series.  I designed these characters and thought why can't I name them 'little women' since it also goes well with my brand name," she says.

Most of the Little One's Doodles products are derived from Mahewari's illustrations. Once she decides on the products, she works on the illustrations or vice versa. A lot of time is spent on choosing the colours. Once the illustration is done, she does a sample test before printing them.
Little One's Doodles plans to do cushion covers, place mats, totes, scarves and porcelain artefacts in the future. Maheswari sells on shopping websites like Quirko, Of Indian Origin and Shop Bloom and delivers across the country.

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