Meet Coris Paldano, who plays Rahul in the English play Alfonsina. Staged by Chennai-based group Indianostrum Theatre and directed by Komarane Valavane, this play is the journey of a young man and his creation Alfonsina.

Here, Coris tells us about his character in the play.

"Rahul is a theatre lover. Somewhere in North India he stages a play with the help of his friends. He plays Alfonsina, a prostitute. But his stage appearance shocks his father, who feels humiliated.
Rahul's sexuality is questioned and everybody assumes that he is homosexual. But Rahul is heterosexual who loves theatre.
He creates the character Alfonsina and is fascinated by her strong will. Despite having female actors in the group, he insists on playing Alfonsina herself.

But with so many obstacles, Rahul chooses the easy way out and runs away. His creation Alfonsina continues to haunt him urging him to bring her back on stage.

My character will appeal to anybody who loves theatre. Rahul is an ordinary boy but his passion for theater makes him break the so-called rules.

My character shows how you fall in love with the character you create and how it lives on."

Where Ranga Shankara, JP Nagar
On September 16 & 17, 7.30 pm
Call 26493982
For Rs 100