John Travolta started his career with the small screen, landing his first popular role in the TV series 'Welcome Back, Kotter!'

Thirty five years and many, many prestigious accolades later, Travolta will finally be seen on television with 'The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story' and it was not easy bringing him back, confirms executive producer Ryan Murphy!

John Travolta
John Travolta

"I was trying to do the unexpected piece of casting," said Murphy while talking about chasing Travolta and locking him down for his role as defense attorney Robert Shapiro in the famous OJ Simpson murder trial.

"We never, in that meeting, talked that much about the project. I think he wanted to feel us out. I just talked to him about the movies I loved that he did. I remember we had a 15-minute talk about my obsession with Perfect and I think he thought that was funny.

Then, he read the scripts and was obsessed with them. Once he said yes, creatively it was a lot about points. I gave up points to get him. I just wanted him. I think it was a smart decision because I think he adds some great piece of sizzle to it." "I had been approached a number of times to do TV," said Travolta. "I spent so many years doing films. I admired television and its evolution.

I was in love with 'Mad Men' and a couple of other series. I thought they were doing the quality of good film, of a great feature film. I decided it was worth a gander to at least hear what Ryan Murphy and Nina Jacobson had to say about it." He later added, "The thing that sold me finally was not the sensationalism of the piece but more that it was going to be an echo of how it changed society."