When lasers came alive in a Romanian forest

Revellers partied in the 8th edition of "Abduction Beamz", an annual open-air night laster party in a forest near Balotesti village, Romania on Saturday.

Abduction Beamz laser party, Romania
All pics/AFP

According to the offical Facebook page of the organisers, "Abduction Beamz is an open air party held every year near Bucharest with no commercial purposes. It's a celebration of music, energy, fun, dance, nature and freedom."

Abduction Beamz laser party, Romania

Abduction Beamz laser party, Romania

The unique feature of the party is that it has no sponsors, branding banners, kiosks for selling merchandise or overpriced beverages.

The organisers further state on the "Abduction Beamz" official website, that it is hosted with the aim of attractive revellers, who love music, lasers, nature and freedom.

Although there is no entrance fee charged for the event, party patrons are expected to be responsible, be respectful towards nature and avoid engaging in aggressive behaviour.
- Information courtesy/ Abduction Beamz offical website and Facebook page

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