When looks can kill

Oct 19, 2011, 08:26 IST | Shiva Devnath

Sudhakar Reddy, who was killed at Aarey on Monday, was involved in a fight with one of his killers, after Reddy had accused him of staring at him in anger

Staring can get you killed, if you consider the current trend of intolerance currently manifesting in the city. In a second case in recent months, Sudhakar Reddy (44) bore the brunt of his killers because one of the killers stared at him.

Four months ago, four men were brutally killed in Kurar, Malad (East) after one of the murdered was accused of staring at a local goon. The four were kidnapped and killed by Uday Pathak, who was later arrested by the Crime Branch.

In Reddy's case, according to the police, the accused three brothers Meghraj Harijan (32), Shashikumar Harijan (29) and Babu Harijan (26) reside in the same vicinity of the victim.

During the Ganpati festival in September, the eldest brother Meghraj and Reddy clashed, after a drunk Reddy accused Meghraj of staring at him. Subsequently, Reddy in a fit of rage went on a rampage and damaged Meghraj's house and also attacked and injured Meghraj's parents and sister who were in the house at that time. Meghraj had since then harboured a grudge and was waiting to take revenge on Reddy.

 On Monday when Reddy, riding his motorcycle with his son as pillion, was on his way to the school in Aarey Colony, Goregaon (East) to drop his son off, he crossed paths with Meghraj, who was also taking his son to school.

The two got embroiled in a fight again after Reddy accused Meghraj of staring at him in anger.

 "Reddy who has a criminal record always carried a chopper with him. When the two started fighting, Reddy removed his chopper and attacked Meghraj. Meanwhile, Meghraj's brothers, who were nearby, saw the fight, and immediately pounced on Reddy. They started hitting Reddy and eventually stabbed him with his own chopper, which lead to his death, in front of his son," said Vijay Kandulgonkar, assistant police inspector, Crime Branch Unit 12.

The three then fled the spot and went into hiding. Acting on a tip-off, Crime branch officers arrested the three accused brothers from a house in Orlem, Malad (West) yesterday.

The Crime Branch officers informed that Reddy was a history sheeter.

In 1997 Reddy had slit off the necks of two policemen after they conducted a raid on his illegal liquor den.
Reddy had also been externed from Mumbai, however, he had been residing at Aarey Colony since the past 20 years.

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