A little known fact about reality star Prince Narula is that he has changed his name from Braveen to Prince feeling that it would bring luck to him.

Prince Narula and Rannvijay Singh
Prince Narula and Rannvijay Singha

In the upcoming episode of 'Comedy Nights Bachao', Prince will be forced to think about changing his name all over again based on the suggestions of the comic crusaders on the sets.

Comedy Nights Bachao
Team of 'Comedy Nights Bachao' with 'Roadies X4' judges

Comedian Mubeen will be overheard telling him that his face looks more like a gatekeeper than an actual prince; meaning it was actually time for him to change his name again!

And veteran Shakeel highlighted the problem that his name brought to his marital prospects. Shakeel pointed out that in spite of being called Prince, girls have always rejected him, referring to his I-Love-You-But-Not-Really experience on 'Bigg Boss 9'!