Melbourne: Sophie Monk recently revealed that back in 2009 she went on a terrible double date with Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson, while her interview on the 2Day FM breakfast show.

Owen Wilson and Sophie Monk
Owen Wilson (Pic/Santa Banta) and Sophie Monk 

The 34-year-old artist said that after Wilson asked her to go to dinner with him, she decided to take her crazy friend as he invited his old mate Harrelson also, reported.

She further added that her friend had ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), so took a few Xanax because she was very nervous but apparently it had an opposite effect on her as she kept asking from the well-known actors "Do you know how famous Sophie is?"

The Australian singer admitted that she didn't talk the entire dinner because her friend made her look like such a knob and she was too embarrassed to call the 'Marley and Me' actor ever again.

Monk, who originally met Wilson at a restaurant in Los Angeles when she was in a queue waiting to use the bathroom, also revealed that there wasn't a second date after that.