Learn how to turn whistling into an art form at an upcoming workshop

If€your€ whistling skills have been confined to the bathroom and the privacy of your home, it is time for them to break free. This weekend, a musical whistling workshop will teach you how to turn whistling into an art form that can be performed on stage. "The workshop is about whistling and will cover the basics — how it's done, what produces the sound and how to control it. We will also include tips and mention the different types of whistling," says Rigveda Deshpandey, founder and president of the 12-year-old Indian Whistlers' Association (IWA). He will be conducting the workshop with Rajesh Gaikwad, Sheldon D'Souza and Chinmay Gotmare.


The workshop will also teach you how to whistle to a backing track. To learn how to whistle a song, it is important to know both, the tune and the lyrics. "When whistling, you are actually replacing the lyrics with the sound you create," he adds.

Scenes from an earlier workshop
Scenes from an earlier workshop

Get your pucker right and soon you could whistle Auld Lang Syne, My Heart will Go On and Yeh Shaam Mastani or even the national anthem.

ON: Sunday, 5 pm to 7 pm
AT: QTube Cafe, 3, Moray House, SV Road, Bandra (W).
CALL: 9619041136

Tips and tricks

  • Keep your eyes closed: it helps you concentrate only on whistling, filtering out all other distractions.
  • Ensure your lips aren't chapped or cracked.
  • Sip on water, moisten your lips with your tongue and brush your teeth before. 
  • Eat something before whistling but don't fill yourself up. 
  • Never hold the mic in front of your mouth but near the left or right cheek so that only whistling sound is audible and not air. 

Rigveda Deshpandey

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