Washington: The White House was placed on lockdown on Thursday after a person jumped the fence, CNN reported, adding that the jumper was immediately caught.

Despite the quick capture, the presidential mansion was still on lockdown as the secret service conducted a security sweep of the area, The Guardian quoted media reports as saying.

Representatives for the secret service could not immediately be reached for a comment on the incident. According to US President Barack Obama's public schedule, the first family was present at the White House.

White House. Pic/AFP

This was the second lockdown for the White House in the past seven days. On Saturday, a brief lockdown was put on the White House after a woman threw an apple core over the fence line of the South Lawn, Xinhua news agency reported.

So far, the most concerning fence-jumping incident happened in September 2014, when a knife-wielding man with psychological problems jumped over the White House fence and dashed deep into the complex till he reached the doors of the East Room.