New Delhi: The enclosure of Delhi zoo’s crowd puller white tiger ‘Vijay’ is getting renovated by adding more space and creating a forest ambience around it.

Delhi Zoo has seven white tigers.
Delhi Zoo has seven white tigers. Pic/AFP

“Vijay’s cage is being beautified. Painting and grassing of the enclosure is on. The nets are being replaced. A new ramp will be made,” Riyaz Khan, zoo curator said. The white tiger, his mate Kalpana and their four cubs live in the enclosure together. The zoo official said the feline family is now being shifted to another enclosure and will be brought back to the renovated one after a few weeks.

Vijay had mauled a 20-year-old man to death in 2014 as stunned visitors looked on. Since then the 9-year-old male white tiger has become a star attraction at the National Zoological Park, which has seven white tigers. Vijay was one of the first success stories of the Delhi zoo's ambitious white tiger captive breeding programme. The big cat has never been in the wild.