Twitterati were left baffled when they saw Rahul Khanna's name crop up on Twitter trends and started wondering why the actor was among the top trending topics on the micro-blogging website.


A photo posted by Rahul Khanna (@mrkhanna) onFeb 28, 2016 at 6:40am PST

Don't believe us? Here's a screenshot of the Twitter trends:

Rahul Khanna

We're sure you'd be wondering why Rahul Khanna suddenly started trending. You aren't alone. Twitterati, too, were as puzzled.

Confused Twitter users started asking why the actor was trending. Such was the case that he trended more because no one knew why he was trending!

Some users were left wondering who Rahul Khanna is in the first place!

Some mentioned how "Who is Rahul Khanna" should be the trend instead!

On digging further, it became apparent that the real reason why Rahul Khanna is trending is because some users discovered his habit of replying to direct messages (DMs).

For example, he received and accepted a wedding proposal in 2013:

A user replied to the three-year-old tweet and that apparently triggered the trend.

And, apparently, Rahul Khanna didn't message only women.

And for all those who have been asking who Rahul Khanna is, these Twitter users have some apt responses:

Rahul Khanna, son of Vinod Khanna and brother of Akshaye Khanna, is also an active user of social media. We wonder what he has to say on this topic! We'll have to wait and watch!