Rakhi Sawant says voice-over in Yashraj film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan isn't hers

The irrespressible Rakhi Sawant seems to be in a state of amnesia. Either she has forgotten her creative endeavours, or wants to keep them out of the limelight.

One "heard" Sawant in Yashraj Film's Mere Brother Ki Dulhan in a sequence, where Imran Khan talks on the phone with many prospective brides for his brother. One of the callers, is Rakhi Sawant, or so Yashraj would have us believe.

Wrong connection: Rakhi Sawant and Yashraj Films have different
versions about a phone call in Mere Brother...

When quizzed about her cute guest appearance, Sawant promptly replies that it wasn't her voice. In fact she goes a step further to say she knows nothing about it. "Is there really such a scene in the film? I know nothing about it. Has the film been released?" she asks.

The Yashraj spokesperson, meanwhile confirmed that is was Sawant's voice in the film.

Why is the motormouth item girl embarrassed about her presence in a prestigious Yashraj film?

To rewind a bit, Sawant had done a fairly substantial role in Yashraj's Dil Bole Hadippa. She later claimed that Rani Mukherjee had had her role chopped off. 

 "I have no idea about this. I am too busy trying to fight my way through life. I am shooting 17 hours a day for Ghazab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniyan," Sawant signs off.