Why Boman Irani changed his holiday destination from US to Europe

Chilbuli Pandey

Boman Irani and his wife Zenobia were planning to take off for a vacation to the US. But as several parts of the southern states of America are facing the growing threat of the mosquito-borne transmission of the Zika virus, the actor has done a rethink.

Boman Irani and his wife Zenobia
Boman Irani and his wife Zenobia

He has instead planned a getaway to Europe. What prompted the decision was his daughter-in-law, Reah’s pregnancy, and the actor did not want to take any chances of contracting the virus and transmitting it to the mom to-be.

Pregnant women are most susceptible to the Zika virus. Boman seems to have already slipped into the role of doting daadu.



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