Why did Delnaz Irani cry inside 'Bigg Boss' house?

Khasif, Karishma, Delnaz and Sampat Pal were the first few ones to wake up. Delnaz and Aashka who were sharing a bed wake up to Delnaz’s tears. Delnaz was spotted crying to her family pictures.

In Pictures: Day 1 in 'Bigg Boss 6' house

Delnaz Irani in 'Bigg Boss 6' house
Delnaz Irani in 'Bigg Boss 6' house

Meanwhile Rajeev Paul was noticing the tears in his ex wife’s eyes and he couldn’t help but to tell Aashka to give her a warm hug. In sometime, the rest of the housemates are up and running with their morning chores.

Rajeev and Delnaz were seen with Aashka outside in the garden area. Here Rajeev was seen expressing his concern to Delnaaz by asking her if she slept well etc. Delnaz did not seem to react in the sweetest of ways.

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