Naseeruddin Shah is an outstandingly talented actor and has been a part of several iconic films. This is sure to leave many of his co-stars insecure and even someone as talented as Nana Patekar seems to have been one of them.

Despite being veterans in the industry, the duo have together on-screen for the first time in 'Welcome Back' and Nana has revealed that there was a time when he was quite jealous of the quality of Naseer was doing.

Welcome Back poster

"It's been 40 years since I and Naseer have been working in the industry but we have never done a film together. Earlier, most films were offered to Naseeruddin Shah and none to me. I used to pray to God that he should meet with an accident or fracture his leg or something so that I could get his roles. But it never happened and I lost faith in God,” a chuckling Nana stated.

The 65-year-old actor though then got serious and also talked about how enriching an experience it was to share screen space with 66-year-old Naseer.