Los Angeles: Actor Neil Patrick Harris says he felt humiliated after losing his virginity at a party as the girl left immediately and refused to date him.

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris 

The "How I Met Your Mother" fame star opened up about the incident on NPR's show "Fresh Air", reports contactmusic.com.

Recalling the moment, the actor said: "We were at a party and some girl was there from college with a friend and (she) told my group of friends that she wanted to have sex with me because I was on a TV show."

"And so my friends were like, 'This is the time! It's perfect! You have to have sex right now!' It seemed perfect at the time ... so it happened."

"So it was very warm and exciting and it was done very quickly. And then she was done -- she didn't want to date me or anything ... I was sort of shell-shocked by it all. .... I thought, 'OK. Where's my pants?' And then she was gone. It was very unceremonious."

The 41-year-old actor came out as gay in 2006 and is now married to David Burtka.