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Ever since the city's Mephedrone (MD) racket was busted in 2015, the term 'Meow Meow' as the drug is commonly known, gained notoriety. But the publicity has been a liability for drug dealers, which is why they have come up with a new set of code words for the drug. The Anti Narcotics Cell (ANC) learnt of the codes after a slew of recent arrests.

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Sources from ANC said that the city's drug cartels have come up names corresponding to the effects of consuming the four different grades of MD. The lowest grade of MD priced at Rs 1,200 per gram is named as 'Chachi sone nahi deti', because it keeps the consumer awake for four hours, said the police.

The grade III variant, which costs up to Rs 1,500, is known as 'Jagran karna hai', because it makes one sleepless for eight hours. Grade-II, priced at Rs 2,000-Rs 2,200 is named 'Kamli', after Katrina Kaif's song in the movie Dhoom 2, keeps one awake for more than 10 hours. The purest form of MD, costing about Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 is known as 'Jatra'. It keeps one awake for 12 hours.

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Confirming the new set of codes, Shivdeep Lande, deputy commissioner of police, ANC told mid-day, "Peddlers use different codes for the drugs and we keep decoding the names to nab the accused."