Why Randeep Hooda carries sense of betrayal in real life

"My parents used to work in the Middle East. They left me with my grandmother to work there and earn for my education. But because they left me and I was very young, for many years I had that deep sense of betrayal and abandonment," the 36-year-old said here at a press meet of the film.

Randeep Hooda
Randeep Hooda

He admits this feeling of being abandoned kind of helps him emote better on the big screen.

"I have stayed in hostel all my life and even now I feel I am in a hostel. Somewhere, I still have that sense of abandonment and in a way, as an actor, it is also a fuel for me," he said.

Directed by Ashishor Solomon, 'John Day' also stars Naseeruddin Shah in the title role and hits theatres on September 13.

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