Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, who was slapped by a man Thursday, said he did not think it was a breach of security and would not react.

"Why should I react? I won't call it breach of security because I don't take security with me. I'll see if this needs to be reviewed," Pawar told a news channel.

"I was going to my car and there was a group of journalists and they were asking some questions. At the same time, I saw him (the attacker) trying to come forward...It looked like he was with the group of journalists," Pawar added.

The turbaned Sikh man, Harvinder Singh, had also attacked former telecommunications minister Sukh Ram here four days ago.

Singh also took out his kirpan when security guards tried to overpower him and whisk him away.

Pawar refused to comment on reports that Harvinder Singh had attacked him on the issue of rising prices.

Harvinder Singh was detained at the Parliament Street police station.