Why Shraddha couldn't attend brother's birthday

With Siddhanth Kapoor’s parents not in the city to celebrate his birthday, the actor was instead in for a big surprise from his close friends and girlfriend Erika Packard. Incidentally, his sister Shraddha too was missing in action, as she was busy shooting for her upcoming film.

Shraddha Kapoor

With his family away, it was up to Siddhanth’s friends to do the needful and the group partied the night away at a Juhu nightclub. The actor, who is quite close to Shraddha, says he missed her on his big day.

Siddhant Kapoor

“Shraddha was busy with work. I am okay with it since work comes first.” A friend of the actor tells us Erika gifted a pair of designer shoes to her beau.

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