Why is Tanuja not promoting 'Hawai Dada'?

Yesteryears actress opts for a holiday with daughters Kajol and Tanisha over the promotion of her film 'Hawai Dada' with Anupam Kher

Yesteryears actress Tanuja seems to be giving her upcoming Hawai Dada with Anupam Kher the cold shoulder.

While the UTV Motion Picture film is up for release soon, she has decided to go on a vacation with her two daughters Kajol and Tanisha giving the promotions of the film a miss.

A source informs, "Tanujaji is well aware that the film is releasing soon and she will be required for the promotional events.

Since it's a small budget film, her being around at the time would have made a huge difference. Since she is such a senior actress, it's not possible to tell her to postpone her travel plans.
It would have been nice if she had been a bit more considerate. Now, the entire responsibility of promoting the film is on Anupam Kher."

Kher refuses to comment on this issue. However, he tells us this is one of the most sensitive films he has done.
"It's a humble story about a grandchild and her granddad, and how the old man has never been in an airplane. It was an emotional experience for me," he says.
The film will be premiered on television and Anupam seems quite happy with it.  "Both Saaransh and Daddy were released on TV first, so I think it is a great platform for the film.

I am trying my best to see it gets a few screenings in theatres too, post the TV premiere," he adds.

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