Chulbuli Pandey

More than his acting or his penchant for writing, actor Ashrut Jain was chosen for his role in Bharat Jain’s 6-5=2 because he was close to the character envisaged by the director.

Ashrut Jain
Ashrut Jain

“Ashrut is from Madhya Pradesh, but had the quality of a Punjabi munda with a carefree attitude. It went with my feel of the character and so I got him to audition. Ashrut had earlier acted in Ram-Leela and worked in an entertainment corporate.

This also reflected in the way he approached work,” says director Bharat Jain. Adds Ashrut, “As an actor, one needs to get into the skin of the character and act.

But in 6-5=2, though I essay the role of Bhanu Jairaj, I had to be myself. It is not easy to face the camera and not act, but be yourself. It is this challenge that excited me.”