Why this two-day workshop is a must attend for actors, musicians and performers

Nov 09, 2017, 09:10 IST | Harshita Mishra

Unmask self-limiting habits and learn to move freely at this workshop for actors, musicians, and performers

"As performers, we abuse our bodies," says Vinati Makijany, founder of Mak Stage Productions, named after her father Mac Mohan, the popular villain and theatre actor, most fondly remembered as Sambha from Sholay. "By the time artistes like myself reach our forties, we are suffering from all sorts of health problems," explains Makijany as she talks about an upcoming two-day masterclass hosted by Mak Stage, which decodes the link between breathing, posture, feelings and self-awareness.

The Alexander Technique emphasises on posture
The Alexander Technique emphasises on posture

The Alexander Technique can be aptly described as a re-education of the mind and body. It is a simple and practical method that trains you to use just the right amount of energy for a particular activity, leaving you with renewed vitality for the rest of the day. While the technique has been adopted by people from across the world, especially actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and runners, it is still unexplored in India. "I once spoke to the dean of an acclaimed drama college in Lucknow when I was still trying to develop the idea in India. I was surprised to find that nobody had heard of it," Makijany recalls.

Vinati Makijany
Vinati Makijany

The masterclass will be conducted by Robin Simmons, a practitioner of the Alexander Technique. Fondly called the 'breathing-man', Simmons has been invited to over 45 countries to train.

Robin Simmons
Robin Simmons

"I remember he asked me to lie down, walk and imagine the shape of my spine. It's not therapy but relearning to move mindfully," Makijany says. "Very few young actors in India understand voice-work and the relationship between breath, posture and body alignment. And hence the need for this session," she concludes.

ON: November 11 and 12, 10 am to 4 pm
AT: Future School of Performing Arts, Santacruz East.
EMAIL: makstagecompany@gmail.com
ENTRY: Rs 6500

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