Why wannabe social media stars are now renting a grounded private jet in Moscow

Oct 31, 2017, 12:49 IST | A Correspondent

It's not easy to be an aspiring 'Rich Kid' of Instagram. Flaunting large bottles of champagne, swanky cars, branded outfits or flying to exotic locations, requires a lot of money. So, what's a wannabe influencer to do? Hire a Russian private-jet company to help you fake it (till you make it, of course), apparently.

According to The Independent, UK, a Moscow-based photography studio is now renting out grounded private jets to aspiring Instagram stars, who can't quite come up with the funds to charter a flying one.

With just a few hundred dollars, you can actually rent a luxurious Gulfstream G650 aircraft for a couple of hours and have a team of professional photographers and make-up artistes create the illusion that you are actually living a life of luxury. Inside, you can have your photos taken with a glass of expensive champagne and a plate of delicious food. You can then post the photos on Instagram and sit back as your friends and fans drool over them.

Moscow-based Private Jet Studio, which organises the private photo sessions in their grounded Gulfstream G650 private jet, charge anywhere between $250 to $500 (R16,000 – R30,000) for a two-hour session.

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