Wife asks Mumbai police to return Pravin Mahajan's belongings

In Sarangi's application, she has asked the Mumbai police to return letters written by Pramod Mahajan to his brother Pravin, besides his computers and documents.

Convicted for murdering his brother, Pravin died of brain hemorrhage on March 3, 2010, while serving life term, after being in coma for about two-and-half months.

 He was diagnosed with clot in his brain. Pravin had walked into the Worli police station on April 22, 2006, claiming that he fired three rounds at his brother Pramod Mahajan, after which he was arrested. Pramod Mahajan died on May 3, 2006.

The trial court held Pravin guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment in December 2007 and he died when his appeal was being heard by the Bombay High Court. His wife Sarangi's application will be heard tomorrow. 



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