Wife to lover: Kill my impotent husband

Oct 08, 2011, 07:15 IST | Vinay Dalvi

30-year-old calls boyfriend from Varanasi to bump off spouse as 'he is of no use' to her; the boyfriend took him out to watch a Bhojpuri film before allegedly giving him sleeping pills

Reasoning that her impotent and impoverished husband was 'of no use' to her, a 30-year-old woman convinced her boyfriend to kill him with an overdose of sleeping pills, cops said.
Before murdering him, the accused even took the victim out for a movie and beer.

The cops at the scene of the crime, examining Santosh's body

According to the police, the wife, Mitilesha, a Malad resident, plotted the murder of Santosh Singh (41), an auto rickshaw driver, with Varanasi resident Shamjit Singh. The two are currently in police custody.

On September 28, the Vikhroli police received a call about an unidentified body lying near a gutter in a decomposed state.
"When we reached the spot, we found an ID card on the body identifying the deceased as Santosh Kumar Vijay Singh, a resident of Malvani in Malad," said Inspector Dilip Thorat.

The police started questioning those related to Santosh.
They learnt from his cousin, Rajesh, that since September 24, Santosh had been missing along with his auto. Rajesh had also lodged a missing complaint with the Malvani police on September 25.

Santosh's wife, Mitilesha, told cops that her husband had lent some money to one Ramesh Singh, who had not returned it, following which the duo had an argument.
"Our investigations were diverted to Ramesh. But when we asked Mitilesha for this Ramesh's address, she gave us a fake one. Our officers found that there was no such address," said Thorat.

The adultery

After further investigations, the police came to know through one of the relatives that Santosh had beaten up one Shamjit Shobnath Singh for allegedly having an affair with his wife.
While searching for Shamjit, cops reached Varanasi and learnt that he had been out of town between September 23 and 25.

"We then picked up Shamjit. He told us that he was with someone else between the dates mentioned.
But when we asked him to identify the alibi, he was mum, and finally admitted to killing Santosh," said senior police inspector Ravindra Javkar, "He told us that he received a call from Mitilesha on September 15, asking him to come to Mumbai to bump off her husband as he was not of any use to her, financially or physically."

After arriving in the city, Shamjit met Santosh and the two saw a Bhojpuri movie in Sheetal theatre in Kurla. Later, Shamjit spiked Santosh's drink with sleeping pills given to him by Mitilesha and, later, hit him with a bamboo."

"We have arrested Mitilesha and Shamjit and they have been remanded to police custody till Oct 14. The investigating team was led by Qaiser Khalid, addl CP, Eastern Region and DCP Sanjay Shintre," said Thorat.

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