Wife, son arrested for man's murder; victim allegedly poisoned

In a shocking incident, the Malwani police on Saturday arrested a 35 year-old woman for killing her husband.

Also, arrested for the same crime were her son, her boyfriend and the paramour of the victim's mother.

Although police officials have not arrested her yet, they suspect that the victim's mother was also involved in the crime.

The accused who were arrested. PIC/SAMIULLAH KHAN

The incident came to light when on Friday an inebriated Gajanan Yeru, the 58 year-old lover of the victim Naresh Narayan Bhoir's mother Ganga Bhoir, told Naresh's sister Sangeeta Acharya that Naresh's wife and son had poisoned the victim. He also reportedly told Acharya that Lakshmi Bhoir (35), Pritam Bhoir (21) -- Naresh's wife and son respectively -- sought the help of 23 year-old Salim Bulami (Lakshmi's boyfriend) and himself to hire a boat and dump Naresh's body in the Madh island creek.

After Acharya lodged a police complaint with the Malwani police, Lakshmi, Pritam, Bulami and Yeru were arrested on Friday. Lakshmi has reportedly confessed to the crime.  According to the police, Lakshmi wanted to get rid off her husband, who suffered from leprosy, because he was unemployed and had no source of income.

Naresh reportedly also owned some property, including a two-room house in Madh Island, and the police fear that this might have also been one of the reasons for his murder.

Naresh had reportedly gone missing from home since January 21 and a missing complaint was filed on January 27.

While Ganga has not been arrested, the police suspect her involvement too. When contacted, Jaywant Hergude, assistant commissioner of police (Malwani division), said, "If we find out that Bhoir's mother was aware of the murder, we will arrest her as well."



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