Conservationist and naturalist Dr Anish Andheria's 115 photographs will help you rekindle a love affair with the stunning natural beauty of wildlife from national parks across the world

With a collection of over 1,00,000 images taken during journeys to national parks in different parts of the world, narrowing the selection down to over a 100 took about two years of work.

Wildebeest at Masai Mara in Africa, Grizzly bears jostling in Alaska

This Sunday, conservationist and naturalist Dr Anish Andheria will display this breathtaking collection at an exhibition organised by Sanctuary Asia.

Being the director of the Wildlife Conservation Trust, a not-for-profit set up to help protect wildlife and also the director, Natural History and Photography of Sanctuary Asia Magazine, trips to different wildlife destinations were inevitable.

Dr Anish has been making such trips for the last 20 years and the 1,00,000 photographs are a result of that. "But, I am not a photographer by profession," he clarifies. "I take photographs when I spot something beautiful. I don't wait for hours or months for a particular shot of a lion or tiger.
They are not desperately shot photographs; I shoot animals in their element. So, sometimes I shoot just 15 photographs on a trip while sometimes it could be a thousand," he shares.

Tigress in Pench National Park and Dr Anish Andheria

The exhibition typically includes photographs from India, Africa and Alaska, which have been captured over the past three years. "To make the selection process easier I decided to look at the last few years and more importantly, include every aspect of wildlife," he tells us.

So, while you will spot photographs of elephants and tigers, there is a sizeable section devoted to frogs and caterpillars as well as landscapes, which form a very important aspect of the wilderness.

"I wanted to include all components of wild life, so people are able to understand that all elements are important in the larger picture. The termite and the tiger have an equal status in nature. And, if we are in harmony with nature, any place can become home," he maintains.

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