Will be back soon to serve nation, says Anna from hosp bed

Jan 02, 2012, 06:31 IST | Priyankka Deshpande
Admitted to a hospital in the city with chest infection and fever, anti-corruption crusader detected with bronchitis; docs say he's recovering fast but should take month's bed rest.

MY fellow countrymen should not worry about my health. I will recover soon and will be back again on my mission of serving the country," said social activist Anna Hazare from his hospital bed, wishing everybody a happy New Year and thanking them for supporting his anti-corruption movement.

Get well soon: Anna Hazare recuperates at the Sancheti Hospital in 
Pune yesterday. Doctors say he will be discharged only after five days

Hazare was admitted to Sancheti Hospital late in the night on Saturday after he complained of chest infection and fever. "Hazare is now stable and feeling better," said Dr K H Sancheti, who is leading the team of doctors attending to Anna. 

Retired hurt: Anna Hazare in his hospital bed; Hazare being taken to 
the hospital late on Saturday night following complaints of chest 
infection and fever

The 74-year-old anti-corruption crusader was rushed to Sancheti Hospital on the advice of Dr Sancheti, who has been Hazare's physician for the past few years. Hazare has been detected with bronchitis. Doctors say he will be discharged only after five days. "I had visited Hazare in Ralegansiddhi on Saturday afternoon and advised him to get admitted to a hospital. As he reached the hospital late on Saturday night, we immediately started his treatment," said Dr Sancheti. 

The team of doctors attending to Anna, led by Dr K H Sancheti (centre)

The doctors were initially speculating pneumonia, but after the completion of various tests and X-rays they discovered it was bronchitis. The problem got aggravated due to heavy coughing. Dr Sancheti said, "Hazare should not only take complete bed rest but also should avoid any kind of fast for the next one month. I have also suggested him a short change of location or weather which will help him to recover soon."

Chest specialist Dr Mahendra Kawedia, who is also attending to Hazare, said, "The social activist has been suffering from congestion. Minor swelling was also noticed in his chest. He has been administered anti-biotics. Although he is suffering from weakness, we are monitoring him every three hours and his health is now rapidly improving." The hospital authorities requested Hazare's followers and other dignitaries not to request them for a meeting with the septuagenarian. 

"We can understand the emotions of the people towards the Gandhian. We are flooded with phone calls from his well wishers since last night. As Hazare needs to take complete rest, I request to people, including dignitaries, not force us to allow them meet with Anna," said a hospital official. Hazare's secretary Sursh Pathare said that the core committee meeting could only be possible once Hazare was discharged from the hospital. Pathare also indicated that members of Anna's team Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi might come to visit him in the hospital. 

Anna's current health status
>> Blood pressure: 130/90
>> Pulse rate: 90 per minute
>> Weight: 69.7 kg (increased by 200 gram)
>> Diet: Milk, fruits, soft food
>> Temperature: Normal

Techie offers to pay Anna's bill

Amrendra Kumar
(in picture), an IT professional hailing from Bihar, offered to pay a day's expenditure of Hazare's treatment. But Dr K H Sancheti of Sancheti Hospital assured the techie that hospital would not take any expenditure from the anti-graft crusader. 

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