Will India get a 'mature' and adult slot on TV?

Jan 30, 2014, 09:03 IST | A Correspondent

In order to bring radical changes in the film certification and broadcasting processes, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) met the secretary of Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B) to discuss critical issues faced by the Board, along with their recommendations.

With the recent stalling of movie broadcast on television due to their adult content, the list of recommendations included introduction of a ‘mature’ slot on satellite television, along with changing the procedure of film certification. During the meeting, the Board also emphasised on the need to amend the existing Cinematograph Act of 1952, and introduce one or two additional certification categories, like UA-15.

Leela Samson, chairperson of CBFC said, “The Board has always taken certification guidelines in the most liberal, progressive and sensitive manner, hoping to reflect the maturing sensibility of our audience. However, several roadblocks have prevented us to implement the same. We have therefore provided a list to the ministry to resolve these obstacles.”

According to the rules, two-thirds of the advisory panel members (first group in the Examining Committee that views films for certification) can be recommended by the chairperson and the Board. Leela said that they have asked the Ministry to consider their recommendations seriously so that more cinema savvy individuals can view and certify films.

The Board also recommended an orientation and cinema-education workshops for new advisory panel members and not allowing them to continue beyond two consecutive terms. According to Leela, the secretary seemed responsive. “We hope these changes are implemented. It will be a much-needed boost to make the process a more mature and sensitive process.”

Recommendations made
>> A 'mature' slot on TV 
>> Amendment of Cinematograph Act of 1952 
>> Orientation and cinema-education workshops for new panel members 
>> Disallowing members to continue beyond two consecutive terms

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