Will this jailhouse rock?

What chances does a director have when he clashes with a star about additions and omissions in a script, especially when the star is also the producer of the film?

According to sources, Neil Nitin Mukesh, who turns producer with Paidaar, has, of late, been having many showdowns with Rohit Jugraj, the director of the film. The problem we hear, is that Mukesh, who also stars in the film, is adamant that the film should have a 'prison' aspect to the story. However, Jugraj is worried that this will remind people of Madhur Bhandarkar's Jail, a film which was set in a prison and starred Mukesh.

According to a source, "He (Mukesh) is charged about having a sequence set in a jail. The two have been having some bitter arguments, but Neil is unwilling to budge."

The film is reportedly a revenge saga, where Mukesh's character wants to avenge the wrongdoings committed against him. According to the source, Mukesh wants to include a bit where he orchestrates his incarceration so as to get the chance to meet the villains in jail.

When contacted, Mukesh admitted that Paidaar has jail sequences. "But the prison in Paidaar and the action that follows, will have no resemblance to Madhur's Jail. We'll create a prison world that's never been seen in Indian cinema before. We'll use John Woo's Faceoff and Simon West's Con Air as reference points," he said.

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