Will promote 'Happy New Year' on 'Bigg Boss' if needed: Shah Rukh Khan

Ever since former friends-turned-foes SRK and Salman Khan hugged at an Iftar party, the entire industry has been watching with bated breath whether the two stars were able to let bygones be bygones.

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan

Just a couple of days ago, Salman let his guard down at a press conference while launching the upcoming season of his reality TV show Bigg Boss, when he said he would love to welcome Shah Rukh on the show. And taking a leaf out of the book, looks like SRK too is in the mood to return the favour.

Just a day ago at a press conference in Dubai, Shah Rukh also seemed to extend the olive branch towards Salman when he was asked whether he would like to promote his upcoming film, Happy New Year on the latter’s show.

SRK apparently said, “The movie will take almost a year to make and the promotions around it are a thing of the distant future. But if there is any need we will promote it on Bigg Boss.” 

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