London: Hollywood star Will Smith says he is convinced "Suicide Squad" will be a box-office success.

Will Smith
Will Smith. Pic/Santa Banta

Smith appears alongside Margot Robbie and Jared Leto in the much-discussed new comic-book movie and the actor is sure that fans of the characters will enjoy watching them on the big screen, reported Female First.

"The thing with this movie, it's the beauty of comic-book films in general, that there's a built-in curiosity, so that is part of an entire world that people have already seen seven, eight, ten movies within the world," Smith said.

Because of the fans' long-time love of the characters, the actor said they are likely to flock to the cinema to see the movie - and he's confident they won't be disappointed.

"I don't think that getting people is going to be an issue. It's when they get there are they going to be an issue.

It's like when they are there are they going to like what they see, and we all feel very confident that when you sit down, you're going to really enjoy getting to meet the 'Suicide Squad.'"